Re: anyone know a good way to mess with DOSers?

messing with hackers is not often the best strategy for a newbie. You could
open yourself up to so nasty business. Doesn't your ftp server have an anti
hammering option? Try turning that on.


Harry Ohrn MS-MVP [Shell\User]

"Falco98" <falco98@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
my FTP server (vermillion) keeps getting dictionary attacked (i believe).
some random IP address will suddenly connect and attempt to login to the
"Administrator" account for hours on end, if I don't manually disconnect
it. luckily, there is no such account, so i believe i'm fairly safe at
this point. But i'm just sort of pissed off, so does anyone know of some
way i might get some quick, satisfying revenge? nothing illegal
necessarily like DOSing them, or even necessarily reporting to their ISP
(it's usually somewhere in china anyway). Maybe something to scare them,
just harmlessly. i dunno. any ideas?