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On Fri, 27 Jan 2006 20:27:05 -0000, Terry Bennett wrote:

> I'm using Ghost 10.0 purchased about 2 months ago. The external Hard Drive
> is connected via the USB and a Hub. How can the speeds be improved?

USB2 or USB1.x?

>From a hardware point of view, USB 1.x could cause throughput
problems/slowdown. USB 1.x (slowest), USB2 (faster), firewire (faster yet),
internal drive (very fast).

There are other considerations though...

-Free space for the imaging program to work with. The temp file for this
has to go somewhere until it's written.

-Rate of compression: higher compression equals longer image creation. I
use the default settings in my imaging program.

-Compressing files that are already compressed can add time to the imaging
process. Example: Not much benefit to be gained by compressing .jpg or .zip
files. In fact, the results for these items can end up larger than what you
started with. Am guessing that using NTFS compression on your local drives
could slow the imaging program down.

I use Acronis' True Image. It takes about 8 minutes to image ~7GB to an
external USB2 hard drive; 5 minutes to image to another local partition.
Another 5-8 minutes to validate the image.

4 hours does seems like a really long time if using Norton's Ghost...
Sharon F
MS-MVP ~ Windows Shell/User

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