Re: New group has now started to create a fully stable and secure windows

From: Wislu Plethora (
Date: 11/12/04

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 07:22:19 -0600

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> || Hi All,
> ||
> || New group has now started to create a fully stable and secure windows
> || machine. XP vs. 2000
> ||
> || This is the first 'dilemma' in a whole series covering the choices
> || to be made in putting together an inexpensive but reliable PC.
> || The basic idea is to discuss each of the various options along the
> || way, decisions being made by concensus or at least majority vote of
> || the participants.
> ||
> || The aim of the project will be to install Microsoft Windows onto a PC
> || 'properly' so that it runs reliably and efficiently, eliminating the
> || commonplace woes of re-boots, re-installs, slow running and lost
> || data. As part of the project a PC (actually, more than one) will be
> || constructed (from a large 'parts bin') and photos will be posted of
> || each important detail.
> ||
> || Vital to this project will be the contributors - you - either using
> || your previous knowledge and experience to make recomendations or to
> || ask questions. Even if you know absolutely nothing about PCs right
> || now, I'm sure you'll have questions to ask and these will be as
> || welcome as the answers.
> ||
> || Choices of hardware and installation of the software will follow
> || later, but the first step is going to e to choose which version of
> || Microsoft Windows we use.
> ||
> || If you are interested in getting involved or checking this project
> || out please visit
> ||
> || --
> || Meet new friends and have some fun.
> || Free computer help and a whole lot
> || more... We are a non-profit community.
> || Come check us out.
> ||
> |
> | Congratulations. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.
> Really ? How so ?
> Many people seem to have problems running a Windows PC without various
> instabilities creeping in. An apparent need for frequent re-boots,
> occasional re-installs and a machine which appears to slow down with age
> seem to plague many Windows users - to the extent where some regard these
> problems as a 'fact of life' which they have to tolerate.
> Surely an attempt to discover how to avoid these problems and then make
> information known can only be a good thing ?
> Kevin.

How will what the OP described offer any help with the problems you
describe, which are usually attributable to poor maintenance and don't have
anything to do with any particular hardware configuration? The OP seems to
be laboring under the misapprehension that he can take a step-by-step
approach in *building* a computer so as to head off problems with the
operating system. There are generally not very many hardware-related
problems. The problems are with drivers, and the solution is to make sure
that drivers are current and designed to be compatible with the OS in use.
Actual hardware problems are usually due to either defective hardware or
things such as not enough RAM. Such issues can't be helped by the project
the OP describes, and there's already very large amounts of information
available for dealing with them. It's just stupid.