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From: Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\) (
Date: 06/02/04

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 11:05:43 -0700

Well, I'm not sure, should I be insulted?

William, I did the best I could for you under the circumstances and I did
initially try to direct you to the hardware forum where I thought there
might be users who had done what you were trying to do.

Second, when pressed, I tried to help but cautioned I had not done precisely
what you were attempting.

Third, my understanding of a "drive copy" versus an "image" is exactly the
opposite of what has been presented in that the copy is simply a copy of
what is on the drive while an image is an exact sector by sector duplicate.

You've now had problems attempting to do what you are trying to do with
either method, using the same product. Perhaps you are using the wrong
product, (That's rhetorical, I don't want to be accused of encouraging you
to use a different product only to have it fail as well and get blamed for
that too<G>) perhaps it's the nature of your setup or perhaps it's the
manner in which you are using the product; I don't know.

I've had some pretty vile things said to me and about me on these boards,
usually from people that I wasn't even trying to help and often from people
who contributed nothing else to a particular thread. That was easy to
ignore. But, when I've gone out of my way to help someone who from the very
outset I specifically told I had not done this procedure in the manner it
was being done yet gave whatever benefit of my experience I could when
pressed by that someone and he has the temerity seemingly to offer up an
implied dig in my direction, I can't help but find that a bit insulting.

I wasn't arguing with you last night with regard to my interpretation of the
issue. I cannot be sure XP's anti-piracy scheme is the source of the
problem but I said and reiterate the error message is consistent with that
being the issue. Kirk to Spock, "Nonsense, no ship that size could generate
energy enough to hold a ship the size of the Enterprise." Spock to Kirk,
"We are being held, Captain," and all the logic in the world and
pronouncements about imaging software doesn't change the fact, you did
indeed receive such a message and it is consistent with that type of issue
and I had this concern and expressed it from the very beginning. I don't
expect to be complimented, especially when I haven't resolved the issue but
I don't appreciate left handed comments when I've gone out of my way to help
someone and have spent as much time on the issue as I have with you.

Symantec has a bulletin board on USENET, it's simply listed as If you can't find it in your newsreader on a USENET
server to which you might have access, you might find at Google under
groups. Perhaps, you will be able to find someone there who has tried
precisely what you are attempting and will know what is wrong. The issue I
sited, may only be a symptom, perhaps someone who is doing this can diagnose
the cause and give you the help you need.

Michael Solomon MS-MVP
Windows Shell/User
Backup is a PC User's Best Friend
"William B. Lurie" <> wrote in message
> Sharon F wrote:
>> On Wed, 02 Jun 2004 07:40:05 -0400, William B. Lurie wrote:
>>>For one thing, I'd like
>>>to take Recovery Console out of the picture, and not by
>>>reducing its delay time to zero, but just remove that option.
>>>If any of the MVPs told me how to do that, I missed it.
>> It was at the end of my other post to you:
>> "To remove the recovery console, delete the cmdcons folder from the root
>> (usually C:) and edit the boot.ini file to remove the reference to it." 
>> You can also delete the cmldr file that is added by the recovery console
>> installation - also in the root folder.
>> William, the term image is used interchangeably for a cloned hard drive 
>> and
>> for an image set that is restored using the imaging software. Usually 
>> which
>> type of image is being discussed is noted very early in a discussion so
>> that both parties are on the same page. This is why I made the effort to
>> define the distinction at the beginning of my previous message. Vanguard 
>> picked up on what I was trying to say and did a great job
>> expanding on the two different meanings.  Thanks, Vanguard!
> Sharon, it's indeed unfortunate that the software designer,
> in PQ, chose to leave the words 'copy' and 'image' mixed
> up. What they call a "drive image" is indeed a bunch of code
> which their own recovery program is supposed to convert to
> a clone or exact copy or duplicate of the original. Neither
> they nore anybody else has made it clear to tired, muddled old
> me, why that two-step capability is necessary or even desirable.
> So I went back to where I was a month ago, when I tried making
> what PowerQuest describes as a "copy". I installed my Slave
> drive as Master and formatted it anew, as Active and Primary,
> and empty. I then jumpered it as Slave, put it in Slave
> position, put my Master on as Master, and used Drive Image 7.0
> to "Copy One Drive to Another This copes the contents of
> your Drive directly to another drive". Actually, I copied only
> the first (Master) partition of my Master Drive to the Slave.
> I used Partition Magic to verify that the Slave Drive contained
> very close to the same number of bytes as the Master OS. I then
> shut down, jumpered the Slave Drive as a Single Drive, put it in
> Master position on the cable, no other drive present, and booted
> up. It got to where I was when I did this same thing a month
> ago, so at least it's reproducible. It booted through BIOS, to
> the place where I could select XP Pro or Recovery Console, I
> picked XP, and got the black Windows logo screen, and then after
> the usual wait, the light blue Windows logo screen, which should
> say "loading your personal settings"........and there it hangs.
> So Windows copied nicely, and all my data and files and programs
> and applications copied nicely, but it doesn't get to the "Loading
> your personal settings" place. Those words are missing from the
> light blue screen, and that's where I was when one of the MVPs
> (who shall remain nameless) convinced me that I should not use
> the "Drive Copy" path, that I really wanted the Image.
> Well, he couldn't get me past that road block, in the XP
> boot-up procedure, Sharon, maybe you can? Or maybe I need the other piece 
> of software that somebody just suggested here.
> By the way, I searched for cmdcons folder on C:\ and can't find
> it. Yes, I told it to seek hidden files. I did find it in boot.ini,
> however.
> -- 
>                    William B. Lurie