Re: rundll32.exe takes 100% of CPU

On Oct 23, 7:33 pm, lightning8060
<lightning8...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Running up-to-date XP Pro with Norton 2008 ...

ThinkPad laptop boots fine with normal CPU usage at startup. Within minutes,
computer slows and Task Manager shows that rundll32.exe is locking up 100% of
CPU capacity. ErrorSmart, RegCure, and my other feeble research have not
solved problem. I cannot seem to find a definitive fix. Any advice

Is the rundll.exe really from windows or is it possibly a virus? click
task manager click on the rundll.exe then click the view button at the
top, select columns and check the command line box near the bottom.
the you can see if the .exe is located in your windows32 program files
or not. if its not from there then its a virus probably. if you have
that google desktop thing it could slow you down too. You can always
start your computer in safe mode and run a virus scan on it. you find
more viruses that way.