Re: Shared Drives disappear after reboot

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 08:50:04 -0800, KillerBob wrote:

> I always delete remove the
> “everybody” access.

The "Everyone" group is a tricky one. It includes everyone - limited users
and administrators a like. A lot of snafus can occur if you tweak
permissions/security settings the wrong way with this group. One way to
avoid many troubles is to require passwords for user accounts as this will
side step "anonymous" issues.

If you visit the Windows XP Support Center here:
and search for "everyone," you'll get a long list of more examples and
issues. Here's just a few of the articles related to this topic:

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"Event ID 1030" errors in the application log;en-us;314494

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Sharon F
MS-MVP ~ Windows Shell/User