Firewire intermittent loss of connection to Camera on XP Pro SP2

From: Dcohn (
Date: 12/08/04

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 13:55:07 -0800

We have several DELL SC400 low end servers that we use for Image Capture and
transfer using a Fuji FinePix S2 Pro via there remote capture software called
HyperUtility V2 over Firewire (1394a). Previously we used this on other
systems with W2K SP4 and XP Pro SP2.

Recently on these systems running XP Pro SP2 we have intermittent
connectivity issues where we simply do not see the camera even though it is
connected. After rebooting several times, shutting down etc etc it may come
back, but not always. Other times it will work fine. The same cameras
always work on W2K.

I read many articles and posts elsewhere with people complaining that once
the upgraded from SP1 to SP2 on XP they saw the same issue.

Knowing that there is also an issue with 1394b under SP2 it seemed likely XP
SP2 is the culprit.

Does Microsoft agree there are issues? What is the resolve?

I am testing my systems with the SP1 firewire drivers specifically
ohci1394.sys and 1394bus.sys but since the systems never had SP1 on them it
was a pain to do so.

I also noticed that the Network driver was installed for the 1394A card even
though we do not have an RJ45 port. It had been included in my firewall
settings as well. I have since eliminated that port from the Firewall
protection on one of the machines and have NOT changed the drivers yet on
that system to see if it helps.

Only time will tell but I really need to know if this is a known issue or
not and how it may be addressed.

Contacing Microsoft support has been quite an experience since the tech I
spoke to seemed to really be lost. He actually wanted to know which port my
application was using. When I asked him to clarify that he gave as an
example that http uses Port 80. I tried to explain to him that it was a
camera and not a network device and was not using any TCP port and he kept
saying he understood. He obviously got the job in error. I was able to get
him to escalate the call to a real tech but have not gone further yet.

Ideas are appreciated.