Re: change PC's DNS settings to dynamic via logon scrip in Nvell environment


thanks for your reply, is there not a way that i can put all
adminidtrator details of the loacl PC on a script and the poing to the
NETSH command...


Dave Patrick wrote:
You might give this a go.



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<alfyalf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Firstly thank you for your reply....

I am aware of this command and it does work if you save it as a batch
file and run it from ie desktop when you are logged on as an
administrator. my question is that i would like to run this command as
a user (with no admin rights) is logging on to the desktop i.e a
script. Is there a way of entering all administrator credntials on a
batch file or vb script to run and then point to the NETSH command to
run and make the required change.




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