Multihomed Network Running RRAS & DNS & WINS

From: rgc (
Date: 02/25/05

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 06:51:05 -0800

I am running the above configuration on a W2K advanced server with two nic
cards with the primary nic assigned a static ip address which is local to the
lan and the second nic card is assigned a static ip address obtained from my
ISP provider. I am able to logon to the RRAS server and I see the connection
in RRAS. My problem is that I cann't browse the network neighorhood or see
any of the resources. When I connect through RRAS I am able to ping the IP
address that the RRAS server has assigned the connection but I am unable to
ping the server name and receive the following: The ping request could not
find the host eraoptical-01. Please check the name again. I find Microsoft
articles referencing DNS & WINS & RRAS explaining the need to change the
registry because of Name resolution and connectivity issues RRAS on Windows
2000 domain controllers that have RRAS service and DNS installed and RRAS IP
addrresses register in DNS. Is there not a clear answer from the community
of how to properly configure a multihomed system running RRAS & DNS & WINS
without all the brain damage! These products have been present since 2000
and I this should be a no brainer! I elminated all the bottlenecks between
my routers my ISP, IP addresses, and firewalls. The last part of this
configuration is not working because Microsoft has no clear concise
documentation to properly configure this type of configuration. My question
is then what configuration should I be using 5 years later when we all now
have high speed connections and want to support applications which will only
run on W2K. I want to know is there someone at Microsoft who has properly
configured this type of configuration in the field! When products don't work
I feel that they should provide the detail.



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