Re: Network Properties screw up

> You could manually copy the old profile folder to the new profile
> folder. However, I would not recommend it since you're dealing
> with a new installation that probably lacks lots of programs that
> the old installation had.

Actually I am logging on to the old installation (one with lost logon)
as administrator. I was able to reset the administrator password by
installing a dual boot on C drive and renaming the SAM file on D Drive.
Now when I boot up I am logging on to my old installation of Win 2000
on D Drive as administrator so I do see a lot of the same programs like
Norton Internet Security and things like that. But other programs like
some things I downloaded and paid for are not available and even if I
can launch them they think they are unregistered copies. Other than
those programs and my emails from outlook the machine is o.k. now.

Maybe manually copying the profile would work in this situation? I've
never tried that.

> I note how critical you are of MS letting you step into the trap
> of disconnecting from the pre-existing domain controller. Would you
> apply the same yardstick to an administrator who operates a PC
> away from the company network for many months, without ever
> adjusting its logon process, and who happily sails on with an
> unknown local administrator password? The logical process
> would have been:
> 1. Disconnect the machine from the domain.
> 2. Log on locally.
> 3. If this does not work, go back to the domain to fix up things.
> 4. Have at least two local admin accounts.
> It seems you bypassed steps 2 .. 4.

Yeah, I should have fixed this.

Thanks for the tips,