Re: No USB in device manager
Date: 11/14/04

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 15:18:03 -0800

Mike and anyone else,

if you read below, you would have seen that I did mention
that I enabled the ports in the BIOS and still no evidence
at all in the software that the USB ports exist.


Plug and Play O/S now set to [Yes] rather than [No]

Legacy USB ports [Enabled]

What else is missing? Anyone?

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>enable the usb ports in the BIOS.
>mike d
>"Joe" <> wrote in message
>> On the more advanced of my two Dell machines, the Dell
>> Dimension XPS T650r, my USB ports are not working. Two USB
>> ports exist on the back of the machine. Nothing at all
>> shows in the Device Manager about USB. It's as if they
>> don't exist. There is no unknown devices, or other
>> devices. There is nothing at all. There is no USB Root
>> Hub. There is no Intel to PCI to USB Universal Host
>> Controller as there is on my other machine Dell
Dimension T550.
>> I have examined the BIOS and enabled them there, and
>> rebooted with no success.
>> I have spent hours perusing microsoft's site and user
>> groups for insight and nothing that I found has brought
>> them to the attention of the device manager.
>> 1) Can I load drivers to get them working?
>> 2) Is there a test to determine if the necessary cards are
>> in place?
>> 3) What do I look for when opening the machine up to see if
>> the USB cards even exist?
>> 4) Why would such a machine come with the ports and no
>> supporting cards for plug and play?
>> Thanks, Joe