Re: Keyboard locking up while holding down shift key too long

From: Mike Brown - Process Manager (mikebNOSPAM_at_NOSPAMassetforwarding.comNOSPAM)
Date: 03/24/04

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 16:42:51 -0500

"Karin" <> wrote in message
> A message appears and leaves fast after holding down the
> shift key on the keyboard too long. I can't read the
> message because it is lengthy and disappears too fast. I
> cannot get out of this locked state except rebooting. Is
> there a combination of keys that will unlock the
> keyboard? Rebooting takes too long.

It's a long shot, but this may be part of the "Accessibility" features. If
you hit the Shift key 5 times, StickyKeys will be turned on. If Windows is
having trouble accessing the Accessibility features, you may get an error
message. Possibly your holding of the shift key is being received by the
computer as repeated pressing. Try looking in the Accessibility settings,
or in your system CMOS settings under "key repeat." Doubt this will help,
but good luck anyway.

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