Re: Can Windows 2000 restore the registry?

BillW50 wrote:
Windows 98 has SCANREG /RESTORE

Windows XP has the System Restore

But is there something for Windows 2000 which has the same ability?

If it's just the registry you want to restore there is no direct means of restoring the registry in a single command. However you should ensure that the Win2k repair console is on your hard drive. That way you can always boot to this if the Win2k registry is corrupt and prevents Win2k from booting. From the repair console you simply copy from winnt/repair/regback folder all of the files (except the 2 dat files) to winnt/system32/config. You simply use the console's COPY command to do this like you would do under DOS.

To ensure that the regback folder always has up to date working registry files, you need to frequently update this via NTBackup and use the ERD option, ticking the registry option. Do this just after booting up as any changes to the registry that occur via downloads/installations etc might corrupt the registry, which you won't discover until you try to boot up next time around.

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