Re: 16-bit application permission error

Steve Parry wrote:
lselva76@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
i got the error when execute the .com ro 16-bit exe files

c:\windows\system32\..........\ is a 16-bit application. you do
not have permissions to execute 16-bit applications.check your
permissions with your system administrator.

any one give the solutions,
thanks in advance,

click OK
<Group Policy Editor opens>

navigate to

Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
Windows Components
Application Compatibility
Prevent access to 16 bit applications.

This needs to be disabled or set to Not Configured to be able to access 16
bit apps

Also make sure you have the following files on your PC


If you don't have them, then copy those files from a working computer,
they're not machine specific in most cases, although a some programs add
their own lines to them.

If you don't have one or both of those files you can have problems
accessing 16-bit subsystems.


Steve Parry BA(Hons) MCP


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