Re: Shutdown initiated by \ lsass.exe terminated unexpectedly code 1

Asif fumbled, fiddled and fingered:

> HI,
> I am running windows 2000 (unsure of service pack) on an IBM thinkpad
> 570e.
> A couple of days ago I attempted to install a pcmcia wireless card,
> there was an error when installing the software for it and when i
> restrted the laptop I had two error messages regarding lsass.exe i
> think, i pressed enter (on both boxes) and then a box appears telling
> me the system will shutodwn initaied by \ and that it will shutdown
> in 60 seconds. And then says c:\winnt\system32\lsass.exe terminated
> unexpectedly status code 128. After that every time I rebooted that
> those three boxes appeared.
> I don't have a cd dive, just a floppy, using the floppy I managed to
> copy lsass.exe (from the windows cd) into the c:\winnt\system32
> directory, now every time i reboot I get the box telling me the
> system will shutodwn in 60 seconds. I can't even get into the user
> sign in screen, as soon windows loads that screen appears and I can't
> do anything, it just shuts down again. I have the 4 windows boot
> disks but they haven't any help as of yet because i don't have a Cd
> drive. Any one out there have any ideas, much appreciated if you do.
> Regards.

Steve Parry BA (Hons) MCP MVP