Re: "Invalid BOOT.INI file" / How to write manually my boot.ini file?

> Invalid Boot.ini file
> Booting from C:\WINNT\
> Hmm, what does that mean?
> Do I have to rewrite manually my boot.ini file?
> If yes: How should it look like?
> Again everything else seems to be fine with the Windows system.
> I can work with it as before.
> Only the new messages are somehow curious.
> Paul
I have been having this problem for a while. I THOUGHT it was because I had
the first boot device set as CDROM and it was telling me...
Invalid boot.ini file( because it was trying to boot from CDrom and couldn't
find a boot.ini file) and it was then telling me..
(I am) booting from C:\windows\ ( because it couldn't boot from the cdrom)
Two different events( I thought)
Did that make sense?

Anyway, today I changed the boot order and I still see the same error. So
now I see its telling me the boot.ini file is invalid while trying to boot
from C:\windows\.

What's weird is that error flashes for a second or so , goes away and the
system boots right up.

What is going on?

I am running XP pro with all updates EXCEPT SP2.
AMD 64 2800 MSI K7N neo Platinum with a Gig of ram (2 x 512)and a 256meg
9600XT. (should I get SP2?)

The system DOES seem (always has) to lag when opening apps. it should just
fly me thinks.
Could the invalid boot.ini file be the culprit?

Thanks all for insight and if someone can post a boot.ini file that I could
use as well.