Re: Sympathetic printing in a multiple printer set-up

From: Gerry Voras (
Date: 06/10/04

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 18:52:22 -0600

Is print pooling enabled somewhere? Failing that, the only guess I have is
to make sure that the USB IRQ and the LPT1 IRQ are different, and preferably
on different interrupt controllers (one of them somewhere between 0 and 7,
and the other between 8 and 15).

"TDHutch" <> wrote in message
> I have three HP printers connected to my Windows 2000 machine: HP7960
(USB), HP 940C (usb), and an ancient HP 550C via parallel port. I recently
had a disk crash and had to build a new hard drive. The printers all worked
well in this configuration before. Now, though all three appear to be
installed. Only the HP7960 is printing as it should - on command and within
quality parameters of the requested document.
> I can not get the 940 to print anything. No test pages, not documents,
Nothing. The print monitor will show documents in the que, but nothing
comes out. I've designated this as my default printer.
> Here's the wierd part. The HP 550C has suddendly decided to "comment"
every time a print command comes across the bus. It prints multiple pages
of one line of gibberish everytime a print command is executed. I've
uninstalled the print drivers (deleted it out of the "printers" box).
> Any ideas? Thanks in advance
> When I print to the 7960, it prints the document requested, but the 550C
goes into a spasm of printing multiple pages on and on.
> Question:
> - How do I get the 940 to work
> - How do I get the 550C to stop thinking it has to comment on every job.