Re: Recovering chk files in the found.000 folder

From: Liron (
Date: 11/20/04

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 10:24:29 -0600

R. C. White wrote:
> *Hi, Liron.
> > Please please please tell me if chk files can be recovered,
> Yes. And no.
> Open a chk file with Notepad and you might see a perfectly
> recognizable and
> readable simple text file. All you have to do is save it and rename
> it back
> to the original name. But it's more likely that you will see nothing
> but
> "garbage", which really is hex code for an executable program that
> you can't
> identify. Or it may be a mixture of hex codes and text, which might
> be a
> portion of a database, or a spreadsheet, or a photo or other graphic,
> or a
> music file, or a Word document, or an Outlook Express dbx file, or
> who knows
> what? If you are a real computer guru with lots of free time, you
> MAY be
> able to identify, sort and reassemble such a file. Chances are,
> though,
> that such reassembly is impossible or possible only at an
> unreasonable cost
> in time and/or money.
> It MAY be worth the effort to try to identify and recover some of the
> files.
> Experience tells me, though, that you success rate is likely to be
> somewhat
> less than 10% of the lost files.
> IF you can recover identifiable OE dbx files, post back. MVP Steve
> Cochran's program may be able to recover emails from those.
> RC
> --
> R. C. White, CPA
> San Marcos, TX
> Microsoft Windows MVP
> [/vbcol] *

Thank you so much RC! That was extremely helpful as I think I can AT
LEAST try to recover my DBX files (which are the most important ones
anyway). Some CHK files were over 600MB so I'm assuming it's the DBX
files. So what I should do is basically rename those chk files to .dbx
and see which ones work?

Thank you again!

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