Re: DNS replication on 2 domain on 2 forests

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Nico2005 <nterreault@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> stated, which I commented on below:
Its on the same subnet

1 domain is on a
the 2nd domain is on a
with both having subnet

is it possible only with a switch or i really need a router ???
because i need a trust to move stuff from one domain to the other and
after shutdown the first domain.

I dont know if its will be more easy just to start from scratch (only
have 17 users) both my problem is i dont want to redo all security.
But if its more easy i will start from scratch

Thanks again.

Switches "route" (hate to use that term with a switch since it is confusing
to many who are not fully familiar with it), by discerning the MAC address
on each port. Each NIC has a unique MAC address and therefore traffic
between ports can be restricted for two machines to those ports only. It
makes the network more efficient. Hubs do not route, but are just bit
repeaters that repeat the traffic on ALL ports. Routers "route" by
discerning IP subnets.

You are asking what you need to "route" IP addresses between different
subnets, therefore, the answer is you need a router.

If you know your seven layers (OSI model), that will help understand what
device works on what layers and why. From the top down, it goes smarter to
dumber. Disregarding the first top three, since they are considered
"application" layers, and the 4th, which is the Transport layer (TCP, UDP
and SPX work here, as well as NAT devices and anything else that uses TCP or
UDP), Network layer is where IP addresses live. Routers work on that layer.
Datalink is where the MAC addresses live. Bridges and switches (multi port
bridges) live here. Physical has no intelligence, hence why they repeat. The
smarter it is (going up the stack), the more intricate the device is and the
more expensive it will be. Hence why routers cost more than switches.

(Application requesting network activity)
Transport (TCP, UDP, SPX, etc)
Network (IP, IPX) (routers work on this layer)
Datalink (MAC) (Bridges, Switches)
Physical (Hubs)
wire plugged into the network

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