Re: How to add 'HOSTS file type' records to AD DNS

Thanks, that worked a treat. I bow down to you...

I did consider doing that, (honest!) but I thought there may be a better way
as this could soon fill up your DNS MMC with a whole bunch of odd's and
sod's if you have a number of records to add.

It would be useful if there was a 'everything else' type record or somekind
of wildcard, so that any other record that is not listed explictly is
forwarded on to your external forwarders. That way, I could have used just
the one forward lookup zone. Oh well, it's working fine now.

Thanks again.


"zerodayz" <zerodayz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I have to add a few A records for a domain that I do not administer.
> In more detail, we have a private IP connection to another company, we
> have to resolve some FQDN's to their IP addresses. They provide no DNS
> service to us.
> For example, the IP:
> would need to resolve to
> and another:
> to and so on.
> I know exactly how I would achieve this by using a host file on each users
> machine, but how can I achieve this in AD DNS. I'm running simple W2K3 AD
> integrated DNS with a single Forward lookup zone, our own domain.
> I've tried adding a new forward lookup zone called then
> created the two above A records. However, when I do this, my client PC's
> can't see, for example, internal requests the company
> website fails. I guess because my new forward lookup
> zone took control of *all* requests to I want it *just* to
> resolve those two A records, and forward all other requests to our ISP's
> DNS servers.
> Any ideas?
> I can elaborate if needed.
> Thanks for your help.
> Richard


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