Re: NS entries not changing, Authority Records Blank

From: Serge Rozentsvet (
Date: 04/22/04

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    Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:56:24 +1000

    Thanks a lot.
    My registrar has E-Mailed me today similar information. Could you explain
    the process of registering NS servers in a bit more detail?

    Thanks again,

    S. Rozentsvet

    "Kevin D. Goodknecht [MVP]" <admin@nospam.WFTX.US> wrote in message
    > In news:%23O784e6JEHA.3316@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl,
    > Serge Rozentsvet <> posted a question
    > Then Kevin replied below:
    > > We'll be migrating DNS to another box within the next couple of days -
    > > that'll take care of the private 10.x.x.x addresses you saw.
    > > Meanwhile, how do I register my server/IP as a public NS?
    > >
    > Most registrars allow you to do this on their domain administration
    > interface on their website. You may have to E-mail them to ask how it is
    > done.
    > What you need for example is a name server registered and listed at the
    > TLD servers for NS1.RUSSIANSPY.BIZ at IP
    > Once the name server and IP are registered and listed at the .biz TLD
    > servers then you can make it Authoritative for your domain or other
    > BTW, you need two Authoritative DNS servers for each domain, if you only
    > have one DNS or IP address available for public content DNS, you need to
    > have a deal setup for someone else to host a secondary zone for any domain
    > you host. Your ISP may do this or some other DNS hosting provider.
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