Re: [WARNING] The DNS Resolver Cache service is not running.

From: Jim Carlock (anonymous_at_127.0.0.1)
Date: 04/12/04

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 12:36:15 -0400

Let me adjust some things again, this is the same info that
was in the last post, but I see I didn't fully explain things,
so... I'm adding comments in the <comment> format:

# ------------------------------------------------

Okay here's the info about the server:

The hosts file is over 100K in size and can be found at the following
website: hosts.txt

I was under the assumption that ipconfig /displaydns would
display the sites visited. And I can see that that true.

The hosts file is located here:


I'm not sure how the lmhosts.sam is used or what it is used
for right at the moment. And I do NOT know how to make
the hosts file work for the DNS server for client browsing.

Ipconfig /displaydns confirms the host file in effect.
  When Ipconfig /displaydns is run on the DNS server.
Ipconfig /displaydns confirms that the XP client is going to the
DNS server. I ran a small test whereby I cleared the cache
and then jumped out to a website that is not used much and
it popped up in the Ipconfig /displaydns results.
  Again, I ran IPCONFIG /DISPLAYDNS on the server.
  The server results are okay.

So all that is well and good. What I am NOT seeing is the
hosts file being effective for "client" machines connected to the
network. DNS SERVER is ignoring the hosts file when clients
are browsing. How do I configure the hosts file to take effect
for the whole domain?
  IPCONFIG /DISPLAYDNS on an XP client displays:
   C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc>ipconfig /displaydns
  Windows IP Configuration
  Could not display the DNS Resolver Cache.

The hosts file is not when a client tries to ping the sites in it. I can
ping the hosts in it (from the client machine). The server pings are
properly translated to from the server.

The pings when done from the XP client do not translate to the
server, and do not translate to and this indicates that
DNS does not use the hosts file at all when a client on the
network is going through the DNS server.

The XP Client is connected to the domain. It can browse the
files on the Domain Controller. The DHCP settings are
acquired from the DC and everything looks great there. DHCP
is running fantastically. No problems whatsoever.

I'm not quite sure how it's connected to the domain, but it is.
NETDIAG when run on the XP client indicates:

DNS test . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Passed
  [WARNING] The DNS Resolver Cache service is not running.
DC discovery test. . . . . . . . . : Passed
DC list test . . . . . . . . . . . : Failed
  'FL': No DCs are up.
LDAP test. . . . . . . . . . . . . : Passed
  [WARNING] Failed to query SPN registration on DC
Kerberos test. . . . . . . . . . . : Skipped
Trust relationship test. . . . . . : Failed
  'FL': No DCs are up (Cannot run test).
  [FATAL] Secure channel to domain 'FL' is broken.

All other tests reported by NetDiag on the XP client machine,
indicate "Passed."

1) From the client machine I can type in the following at the
Explorer bar:

And I have full access to that drive. (I have administrative
priveleges. I have to go through a secondary logon to get
there, but I can do it.)

On the Domain Controller, I cannot do the same to view the
client machine. I think this is a problem with the XP machine.

On the XP machine, when I go through Network Neighborhood,
I can see the domain name, see the computers listed in that
domain, but the XP machine IS NOT listed. It's out there, but it
is not in the list of computers connected to the domain. Also, the
XP machine cannot see it self in the list of computers. It's like it
is invisible.

When I go to the DC computer, and browse the network, the
xp client doesn't exist.

When I go into the DHCP applet, I see the XP client as getting
an IP address from it. That is the ONLY place I see the XP
client when I'm looking for it through the Domain Controller.

When I go into Explorer and type the following:


I get a trust relationship failed message.

Jim Carlock
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