Re: schtasks

Hi Jerold,

by adding "U Fred /P password" to the schtasks run ... command ; I get the
following error

ERROR: Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user,
using more than one user name, are not allo
wed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource
and try again..

on the machine I issued this command I was login as Joe (not Fred), will
this be the problem?

"Jerold Schulman" <Jerry@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:57:08 +0100, "Kok Yong Lee" <lkoky@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I used to have to use Remote Desktop to login to various test machine and
>>run a batch file to start a test.
>>but since I discover the schtasks command, now I can use a simple batch
>>like below from my machine to kick start the test on various machines.
>>However I also discovered that if the remote machines were already login
>>then the running the following batch file does nothing at all. By login I
>>mean one either goto the remote machine physically login and leave or
>>via Remote Desktop and end the session (without logoff from it).
>>Any ideas why this behaviour?
>>@echo off
>>set machines=^
>> CAMASM2 ^
>> CAMASM3 ^
>> CAMASM4 ^
>> CAMASM5 ^
>>REM Fisrt make sure there is such a schedule task on the remote mahcine
>>for %%i in (%machines%) do (
>> schtasks /query /s %%i | findstr /i /c:"asmversiontest" 1>nul
>> if ERRORLEVEL 1 (
>> echo %%i does not have schedule task
>> schtasks /create /s %%i /tn ASMDebugTest /tr
>>"z:\scripts\asmversiontest.bat" /sc once /st 06:00:00
>> ) else (
>> echo %%i has schedule task
>> )
>> schtasks /run /s %%i /tn ASMVersionTest
> Using the following syntax, I cannot recreate your experience. It works
> for me.
> schtasks /Create /S \\JSI009 /U JSIINC\Jerry /P password /RU Administrator
> /RP password /SC ONLOGON /TN DefragD /TR C:\UTIL\DefragD.bat
> Jerold Schulman
> Windows Server MVP
> JSI, Inc.