Re: Install MSI packages and change computers names throught AD

On Feb 2, 3:13 am, "Ricky" <newsgroupsm...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I need some help/advice for two issues:

1. Install MSI packages throught Active Directory
2. Change clientes computes names throught Active Directory when they log
into the domain

For the first point i've read some tips in microsoft newsgroups where some
people talk about Advanced Installer Professional 4.7, a Windows Installer
authoring tool which enables developers and system administrators to easily
build reliable MSI packages.

Is this a good tool?... Has someone tested it?... Is there a better
choice?... I hope someone give me an hand/help.

For the second point i've got no ideia how can i make that happen. I mean to
change computers name through a script and when clients logon their
computers name will change from ie: xyZkkkkk to xyWkkkkk


We use desktop authority with msi studio both from scriptlogic to
repackage MSI when needed and deploy them to desktops. The MSI tool
has a nice and very useful feature what they call a 'zero-touch
testing'. Its MSI check-before-setup behaves much like a copy>>null by
penetrating on the destination machine and installing in a simulated
mode. It collects info about files and registry keys on that
destination computer that would hamper the deployment of the package.
Very useful... especially with update/upgrade deployments of huge
packages that sometimes install old or new versions of JRE VM, comctl
updates, security fixes tattooing the registry with thousands of keys.
We usually use it to distribute updates on different software to
different department OUs in a single pass.