AD Restore to Different Hardware

I am trying to test an AD and Exchange restore in my test environment.
The server I am trying to restore is a ML370G2 running Windows 2000
Server Standard and is acting as a domain controller and Exchange server.

I have referenced the following Microsoft articles, but am still running
into the same issue (inaccessible boot device):

How to perform a disaster recovery restoration of Active Directory on a
computer with a different hardware configuration

How to move a Windows installation to different hardware

How to perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 2000

For my first series of tests I tried restoring into VMWare Server
virtual machine. I do a base install of Windows 2000 and then restore
my backup using NTBackup. Upon the reboot I receive a Stop error -
Inaccessible Boot Device. I go on to try the repair options to no
avail. The upgrade in place process also fails on the reboot after it
copies files with the inaccessible boot device error. I cannot access
the recovery console either, when I choose my installation the machine
reboots before even prompting for a password.

I tried this morning to restore to an older Compaq server instead of a
VM (an ML530). I have run into the same issues here as well with the
inaccessible boot device errors. The repairs and upgrade in place
process also fail with inaccessible boot device errors.

In the past I have done test restores of AD and Exchange from one VM to
another VM with no issues, but of course in that scenario the hardware
matches - so I avoid all the hardware mismatching problems that I am
running into now.

I feel like I am getting tunnel vision at this point and am hoping
someone can point out something I am overlooking. Any thoughts or