Re: MS Visual Studio 7.1 terminates (no message) when compiling a C# project

From: Michael Wojcik (
Date: 11/01/04

Date: 1 Nov 2004 18:36:12 GMT

In article <>, Randy Howard <> writes:
> In article <>, says...
> >
> > My recommendation is to get rid of that buggy Visual Studio and
> > learn how to use the fundamental tools. In practice this means
> > abandoning Micro$loth software.
> I use gcc from the command line most of the time these days with make.
> Lot less pain.

Actually, I've found that even MSVC and nmake from the command line
are generally a lot less painful than VS. (For one thing, I've never
had a Microsoft update mysteriously prevent the command-line tools
from operating, whereas I *have* had that happen with VS. A little
Googling confirms that it's not all that uncommon for an update to
somehow break one of the VS packages and prevent the UI from running

The real advantage, though, is getting rid of the black boxes of the
VS project mechanism. All the input to the compiler and linker is
right there in front of you.

Oh, and when something goes wrong, the evidence doesn't simply vanish,
as in the situation Alf's encountered.

I find hand-crafted makefiles are far better than the ones generated
by VS, but the latter can be a useful starting point.

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