Unknown Software Exception 0x40000015

I have been using Visual Studio 2005 for several months now at my
job and suddenly started getting these errors:

"Application Error : The exception unknown software exception
(0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x63dab4ff.

Click on OK to terminate the program"

If I close the app and then reopen it, the same error will occur again
after a while. It seems to just happen at random. One thing I noticed

is that the app will tend to slow down, and the response from typing
and navigating around the interface will get slower. A few times just
before this error was thrown I got "out of memory" errors when I tried
to compile. I am working with C# applications and have plenty of RAM
on the computer (around 2 gigs) so I'm not sure exactly what is
happening. I recently installed some addons for PowerTCP but tried
uninstalling those and still no luck. I have tried a repair install, a

complete uninstall/reinstall and still nothing. Does anyone have any
ideas on how I could proceed? Thank you.