Annoying tip balloon for macro running in VS 2005


I've recently installed Visual Studio 2005 Professionl,
and I'm using Visual C++ primarily.

There is no functionality for switch .cpp to corresponding .h. (and
vice versa)
Unfortunately, VS 2005 added only .cpp -> .h, but no way to return to
..cpp. :-(

So I've used my own macro for .h <-> .cpp switching.
It dose works well since Visual Studio .NET.

What I'm VERY annoying in VS 2005,
tip balloon in tray area is pop on every time running macro!!
Until version 2003, there is no poping balloon for macro running.

Since running the macro (switching .cpp and .h) very frequently,
I have serious trouble with this popping balloon.

Tip balloon says like this:

"Visual Studio .NET macros
To stop the macro from running, double-click the spinning cassette.
Click here to notto show this balloon again."

I've clicked the balloon. But it shows again again again.
Help me from this popping balloon.

You may try this by double-clicking any sample macros in macro

Thanks in advance.


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