RE: Get code from a deployed site

Hi Betty,

What is the sourde code for? Are they the source codes for a .NET
application(dll or web application or winform )?

Generally, only source code files are not enough. For debugging, the most
important thing is the symbols for the target application. When you use a
debuger(such as visual studio) to debug a program, it will try to locate
the symbol files first(through the info in the program). And the symbo
files contains the relationship between the program and its source
code(such as filename and version and modules associated with the certain

The most popular format of symbol files (used by visual studio) is .PDB

#Managing Symbols and Source Code

So for the component or program you want to debug, do you have the PDB
files yet? If not, you may need to find them first in order to perform
further debugging against the program.

In addition, here are more info about debugging and symbols:


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From: =?Utf-8?B?YzY3NjIyOA==?= <betty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Get code from a deployed site
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 10:40:12 -0700

Hi all,

If I have all codes on a web site(from a vendor, not officially delivered
us yet) and I need to download them to my development environment,
I want to be able to run and debug them. Is that possible?

I don't know how to do it and what are differences between development
and deployed code.