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"Jordan goldberg" <Jordan goldberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E9C4D3C4-312B-4125-9C51-9F286F2D7301@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am looking for newgroup for Windows 7 Pro .. cant find it. I have a
question about using fax and scan connected to a windows 2003 sbs fax server

"Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]" wrote:

Couldn't agree more that more information is always better than less. But
when you read beyond your self-imposed ellipses, you will see that the OP is
already running WFS and trying to access his Outlook Contacts, which he
should bloody well be able to do.
Russ Valentine
"huwyngr" <Hugh_Wyn_Griffith@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> In article <88CEBAA8-EBFE-4B43-AE04-5665EECFF2A8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Russ
> Valentine [MVP-Outlook] wrote:
>> Since the OP has already launched WFS .....
> I was not prepared to assume this since failure to find WFS would fit
> the statement "Why can't I access" .... <s>
> I don't assume anything these days and people need to learn to give
> information at the start! Sorry but that's a war-weary sysop speaking
> <g>