RE: Vista printing to shared XP printer

IMPORTANT: Make sure "Enable Bidirectional Support" is DISABLED by unchecking
the box. Do this for both computers.

"longvale" wrote:

Hi this is a response I found on VNUNET.Com from a Robert Clayton which
worked for my situation which is similar to yours. I tried to access a
printer on my XP Home machine in another room via a wLAN, from my Vista
desktop. Constantly had a "cannot access printer" message until I followed
the instructions from Bob Clayton. Seems Vista will only access a 'local
printer' not a network one. From memory I needed to download the latest Vista
compatible driver for the printer attached to the XP machine, onto my Vista
machine before I took the steps below.

"Posted: 05-Aug-2007 19:09 Reply

Been trying to connect my wifes new Vista laptop (yuk) to print out to my
networked XP desktop's printers. I could see the files and printers on the XP
machine from the laptop. Tried all the usual , firewalls,file and printer
sharing turned on. Would not connect !

Apparently this is a problem that hasn't been solved.

This "workaround" solved it for me.


1.) Verify that File and print sharing is turned on and properly configured

on the XP machine.

2.) Locate and notate the Win XP computer name (i.e. "Desktop") (Found in

System Properties in the Computer Name tab)

3.) Locate and notate the printer share name on the XP computer (i.e.

"Printer") (Found under the Sharing tab on the Printer Properties page)

4.) On the Vista machine launch the "Add a Printer" wizard

5.) Choose "Add a local printer"

6.) Select "Create a new port" radio button and choose "Local Port" from the

drop down menu

7.) Press Next

8.) In the "Enter Port Name:" box enter the following: \\Desktop\Printer

where "Desktop" = the computer name from step 2 and "Printer" = the printer

share name from step 3.

9.) Select the Printer driver from the list provided or use the "Have Disk"

button to install the correct Vista driver if it is not in the built-in list.

It is critical that the driver you use is Vista compatible.

10.) Press next

11.) Give the printer a distinct name and choose whether to set as the


12.) Press Next

13.) Print a test page to verify functionality.

14.) Press Finish


Hope this helps someone else.


Bob "

Let us all know if it works??!!

"Michael" wrote:

Configuration: HP Laptop with Vista Home Premium, Compaq desktop with XP home
and Epson Rx500 USB printer shared, Dell desktop with XP home. All in same
Symptom: XP systems print to RX500 OK. When adding printer to Vista, sees
RX500 but get error message after "Connecting to RX500" box. Error messsage
says Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied.

Thanks for your recommendaitons.