Re: Where did my faxes go? No sent items?

Was this a clean install? Because that's not the Folder WFS uses for storing faxes. WFS stores the faxes for your local account in ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\ or whatever its counterpart is in Windows 7. It only uses your Documents folder for sample or welcome faxes that install with the program.
Did you create a new fax account for WFS? Did you attempt to integrate WFS with Outlook?
Russ Valentine
"Jerry" <duncan_jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e7iv3yYVKHA.504@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I do remember this was an issue when I switched from XP to Vista. I solved it then, but don't remember the solution.
Now I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2007 Standard and the issue is there again.

All my received faxes are in My Documents/Fax/Inbox and those that I sent are in My Documents/Fax/SentItems.
When I run the Windows Fax and Scan app, I can see all the faxes from my Inbox, but none from the sent items. Also, the ones in the inbox have all the wrong info in the list: the sender for all is Microsoft Fax and Scan Team, subject is Welcome to Windows Fax and Scan, the date is today, pages 1 and fax account Microsoft.

Can anyone please help me get it right, so that I can see all my received and sent faxes and with correct information?