Re: Printing to HP LaserJet 1300

2120smak wrote:
No luck - same reaction from the pc, i.e. nothing.

When selecting add a printer I get a choice between "only use this if you do not have have a usb-printer - windows installs usb-printers automatically when connected" and "add a network printer, a wireless printer or a bluetooth printer...."

"DL" wrote:

You've obtained the Vista drivers & installed as per hp instructions, which usually means installing software/drivers prior to connecting the printer?

"2120smak" <lars.kold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B3D67099-D737-4674-AEC9-9516E363BE7E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
There seems to be no way to make my Sony Vaio with Vista print to my HP
LaserJet 1300 - any suggestions on how to make this work?

Are you sure that the LJ1300's USB port is working?

Vista does have a built-in driver for the LJ1300. The problem is getting the special HP DOT4 port.

Just ignore the warning in the Add A Printer Wizard to "only use this if you do not have have a usb-printer."

I'm not sure what besides HP's printer status monitor will *not* work without the DOT4 port, but it's worth a try.

Alternatively, you could try HP's "Universal Print Driver" for Vista (although it looks like a big mess to me):

Be sure choose the correct one (Vista or Vista 64-bit) and read the install instructions.

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