Re: Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem

For the record, Vista x64, Service Pack 2 doesn't work with the current
Lexmark x6570 printing software. Just for grins, I tried the new
Windows 7 RC software and it too doesn't work - HOWEVER, the OS
recognizes this, then applied "Compatability" settings to the printing
software so that the next time it runs, it does indeed work. That must
have been what Lexmark's people were referring to. I don't see any such
automated functionality built into Vista x64 SP2, however. If there is
a manual workaround, I have yet to be able to find it. FWIW - I've
tried this in both Windows 7 RC x64 and x86 (32-bit) and it works....
With Vista SP2 right around the corner, I would hope that Lexmark gets
on the ball and straightens this out with a driver update. Either that,
or comes up with a well documented work around - not something that
users have to hunt around forums to figure out.....