Re: Solved - HP LaserJet 1000 for Vista

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If Vista no longer or hasn't been able to install your trusty Laser Jet
1000 printer driver, then you are not alone.

The solution is to connect a slower 1.0 USB Hub in between the LaserJet
1000 and Vista.

For my particular resolution a Belkin F5U021 USB Hub was the key to

Once the hub was connected, Vista expeditiously recognized and
automatically installed the HP Laser Jet 1000 driver, created for

Printing to and from the Laser Jet 1000 is now as normal and proficient
in Vista as it was for WinXP.

The chatter that Vista cannot recognize host based printers or the
drivers may be misleading because it certainly cannot apply to my
Vista and HP Laser Jet 1000 scenario.


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Did you system recognize this printer by plugging it in with USB hub
1.0 or did you complete the add to printer function? I have not been
able to get windows to allow "ini" file to be loaded from the driver
download as it keeps coming up as incompatiable with windows vista x64