RE: Cannot set default printer in Vista


I had done a Windows Restore to get rid of some Canon Scanner software that
just wouldn't go away. Well, my administrative profile got corrupted, to the
point where I could no longer set my default printer, nor would Adobe
software (Reader and InDesign) recognize that I even had a printer.


I created a new administrative account, with every intention of deleting my
old administrative account, just as soon as I feel confident that I copied
all of my files over to this profile's folders. Note: I have not discovered a
way to delete the old corrupted administrative profile.

"ldmercer2" wrote:

Hi, I am in the middle of a support case with Microsoft, unfortunately
this one is slow to response, I was unable to uninstall a couple of
programs saying I did not have permission and so on , when I contact
Microsoft he told me to type in regedit and delete Microsoft, something
weird happened and I still cannot uninstall and all my programs got
messed up, but I cannot even use my printer, when I try to set it as
default in all areas it does nothing, any help would be much
Thank You.