Fax Accounts doesn't detect modem

I would appreciate any and all assistance with this problem.

I am running Vista Business, and was successfully using Windows FAX and
SCAN. The F&S software is presently in an awkward and unusable state.

The F&S software will not allow me to configure a FAX Account. I have
uninstalled and reinstalled my modem (Zoom 3025C, Conexant chip set).
Vista has the modem configured on COM3, and the modem is visible from
CONTROL PANEL>PHONE AND MODEM as well as the device manager.

F&S has no accounts configured. When I attempt to add an account, it
reports "No modems configured".

I uninstalled the modem driver and the modem software. I tried the
same steps using another Agere 56k fax modem, but obtained the same

Can anyone recommend a troubleshooting process, for either fixing this,
or for resetting the F&S modem database?

Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall F&S?

Any/all help would be appreciated....


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