Re: Fax and Scan - Error

Hello Steve,

Let's see ... I am trying to recall the various attempts I had before
finding this forum ... I tried starting/stopping the Windows Fax and
Scan service to no avail ... Tried sharing/unsharing the fax from the
server itself ... We are receivng/sending faxes, so the fax is
functional ...

One possible issue ... The sharedfax is on a server with several other
printers on it as well ... Could the Fax and Scan service be attempting
to connect to one of the printers rather than the fax and thus produce a
disconnected error? From what I can tell, it doesn't appear that the
Fax and Scan service lets you select a fax from a list of choices. When
electing to print to the Sharedfax the Fax and Scan service begins.


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