Re: problem to install HP all in one C3180

Can we assume your following HP's instructions and plugging the printer in when the software installation tells you to, and NOT before your running the software installation?


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"slimorse" <slimorse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:8D1D9BFE-E8C4-43E4-A4C9-72C2D8259578@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer (from disk & from HP
site). I've tried to go back to the restore point before the issue happened.
But everytime I plug the printer into the USB ports(tried all 4) the computer
tries to install the printer.

"lap" wrote:

On 25 Jan, 06:16, slimorse <slimo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm having the same problem. My HP 6210 printer was working for a 11 > months
> just fine. Now, no printer will work. It started around the windows > update
> 12-29-08. I tried everything I know. it's not working. HP Laptop > dv6636nr
> vista home prem
> "lap" wrote:
> > I just got a dell studio laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. I
> > downloaded the drivers from the HP website to install an All in one
> > printer C3180 but when I plug the USB socket in I get 2 pop-up boxes
> > that say the PC found the drivers for the device but it encountered > > an
> > error while attempting to install it, the first one with HP > > Photosmart
> > C3100 Series (DOT4USB) and the following one with Microsoft WPD file
> > system volume. I have tried it a second time then a third time but
> > still in vain with the same messages. Has somebody encountered such a
> > problem yet? Can you help me please?
> > Many thanks.
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what have you tried yet Slimorse?