HP L7580 Printer failure

I have a SOHO operation with a pc running MYOB,Office 7 Suite,Photoshop CS3
running on a ASUS Q6600 under Windows XP. Everything is luverly and runs well

BUT my HP Office Jet Pro L7580 will copy, scan, fax etc but not print. Which
makes the thing suitable for a boat anchor. This has happened since upgrading
from Office 2003 to Office 2007.

Looking at other posts it seems others may have had a similar problem.
Please don't suggest reverting to Office 2003, I bought an HP think pad
recently with Visa on it so the uprade was practical.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have had a local repair guy spend a
couple of hours on it and he went away shaking his head. We had HP direct
link with us and after two hours he got me from being able to print and no
image management, to no print and image management. His explanation ??? File
conflicts ...so I cleaned up the HDD.