Re: Can't Scan with Brother MFC 8640D after installing Windows Live Onecare

Try asking in the LIVE newsgroups/forums as you have at least pinned it down to one specific application that is blocking your efforts to scan.
Cari (MS-MVP) Printing & Imaging

"Metrogirl" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ec8848cd60027bfbc04ad9a8890eff72@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have Vista Premium 32bit and a Brother MFC 8640D
printer/scanner/copier with a USB connection. Everything worked just
fine until I installed Windows Live Onecare yesterday. I can still
print fine, but when I try to scan I get the following message:

"Scanning failed.

Please try to scan the image again, if the error happens again please
restart your computer, and then try to scan again.


I've rebooted a few times but it doesn't seem to recognize the printer
in the scan mode and haven't had any luck either the Brother or Vista
support sites so far. I'm assuming this is some kind of fire-wall issue
but I can't seem to pin it down. Anyone else experience this yet? :huh: