Re: Unexpected Error: Fax Can't be received because of an unexpected e

My first though would be to unhook the HP and see if the computer will receive OK; with both devices connected and active, you may have signal level problems, the HP may be responding to the incoming fax with tones that the modem doesn't like, any number of things. If the modem works when it has sole access to the phone line, you can always print the fax on the HP in the other office.

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"cioangel" <cioangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3DEAC971-D7B1-461A-ACC5-DF3990A65A18@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Using Windows Fax and Scan program, the program answers an incoming call,
proceeds to function, then an error message declares that the Fax can't be
received because of an unexpected error. I need to know how to fix this. What
is the unexpected error? My business has one fax number. In my office, I have
attached the fax line from the wall to my computer. I have an internal PCI
Soft Data Fax Modem with Smart CP - Vista OS. The other office in my business
has an HP all-in-one printer also connected to the fax line. Is this the
issue? Then, how can I have my computer and her printer receive the same fax?