RE: Printing only works under Administrator account

I have a similar problem, I did same as you downloading software from brother
site for MFC-215C. the printing job would not be done. What I did make it
work is to install the printer by using adding printer and following the
instruction of window vista, choose to instal using vista drivers not driver
from internet. I made it work now by this way. you can try it as well.

"samoht" wrote:

I insalled freshly downloaded drivers for a Brother MFC-215C from the
brother site onto a Vista Box (vista drivers from Brother). Plugged the
USB in when asked etc. The printer says its ready. However the only
thing I can print is a test page and only when selecting "Run as
Administrator" from the right click menu on the printer driver icon
when going into the "properties". When going straigh into the properties
and printing a test page under the normal user account nothing prints
and applications can not print either. Not even an error message is
shown and no documents pile up in the print queque.
What is wrong???

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