RE: Error when printing across through a router

This is apparently a bug introduced by a Vista update a month or two ago and
affects all printers, it doesn't seem to be related to drivers. My network
printer (attached to a Vista desktop) worked fine from my Vista notebook
until recently. Now, if I try to select a network printer in the set up, it
shows the printer but gives an error if I try to select it. Many old posts
suggest selecting a local printer and manually entering a new port with the
printer path, that does not fix the problem in this case.

If I try to connect to a printer on my Vista notebook from my Vista Desktop,
I get the same error. An XP desktop, however, can connect to a printer on
either Vista machine with no problems.

I'm not sure what update introduced the problem.

"Chris Ryan" wrote:

I have connected my Acer laptop runnig Vista to my Medion Desktop running XP
using a D- Link router, using the I.P address from the XP computer I can
access theI can access the shared folders and it brings up the Epson SX200
but when I double click it I get the error 0x00000709.

I have printer sharing enabled on the printer and in widows firewall.

Please help

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