Re: Error when printing across through a router

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the drivers installed on the laptop,
I have been swapping usb leads and printing from it before, but wondered if I
could print through the router.
Is it still possible?

"Malke" wrote:

Chris Ryan wrote:

I have connected my Acer laptop runnig Vista to my Medion Desktop running
XP using a D- Link router, using the I.P address from the XP computer I
can access theI can access the shared folders and it brings up the Epson
but when I double click it I get the error 0x00000709.

I have printer sharing enabled on the printer and in widows firewall.

Did you install the Vista printer drivers on your Acer laptop? If not,
that's what is missing. Get Vista drivers from Epson for the SX200.

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