Re: Laptop no longer connects to printer on home network

P.S. I'm running a HP dv6000 laptop with Vista Home Premium and SP1 sharing a printer (HP) on a HP Desktop with Vista Home Premium SP1 and sharing a printer (Brother) on a XP desktop SP3, having no problems. You don't have a different model printer you can try to eliminate the possibility of the driver issue?
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Oops I see yours and your daughters both don't work any longer and it's since SP1, doing a restore to before then might get it working but you would loose the benefits of SP1. If you can go back though and prove it and maybe get with Kodak support and explain the situation maybe it's something with their driver.
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Thanks Patrick. Yes, I can see the printer on the network, attached to
yellow-pc. However, when I try to right-click and add, I get the exact
same error as before. When I try to double-click, I get a similar
error: 0x00000709 - operation could not be completed.

FWIW, I can see the shared drives from the Yellow PC and open
everything on the D drive (with data only), but I am having a similar
issue accessing all of the C drive - Vista will not let me share the
whole C drive on the network, so I have to go into each folder to share
it separately. Very odd. On the D drive, all i had to do was share
"D", and it let me get to every subdirectory. Perhaps this is a clue,
and there is some directory on C that I need to make sure is set to

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