Re: HP7310 and Vista 64 bit

Okay...I tried to install it locally, but couldn't find the USB cord that
came with the printer...DOH

So I started from scratch again with these changes;
I went into my port(s) config and deleted the ports I wasn't using.
Reran the the luck
Installed the printer via add printer in Vista (BTW this is how I have been
using the printer for the past year, I never could do any scanning but
needed to now, thus the reason to resetup) no problem with Vista finding and
installing drivers
I went back into port config and there were 2 ports setup for the printer,
one setup by Vista and the other setup by the HP setup that failed.
I deleted the HP port.
Reran setup...something new....Message from HP setup that it needed to
delete some files and restart the PC before it could continue setup.
PC restarted...HP setup continued.......SUCCESS!
Don't know exactly what happened but it worked!!

Thanks alot

"Cari (MS-MVP)" wrote:

Install it locally then change the port to the static IP address.
Cari (MS-MVP) Printing & Imaging

"inetfreak" <inetfreak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Yep, I even went in and set a fixed IP, (HP recommendation)

"Cari (MS-MVP)" wrote:

Did you right click the HP package and select Run as Administrator?
Cari (MS-MVP) Printing & Imaging

"inetfreak" <inetfreak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just tried to install the Vista 64 software for this program. During
it finds the printer, but at the last step I get the dreaded red X on
printer. HP Solution Center recommended a static IP....done that.
Uninstalled software, reinstalled, no help. Windows recognizes the
although it isn't installed yet. Turned off firewall, virus prog. Help