Re: Connecting to printer wirelessly

kungfuboy wrote:

Thanks for the replys guys. I don't have a wireless router set up yet.
i'm probably the last person on the planet still stuck on dialup. I did
think the printer was wireless capable (maybe not now). I will go back
to the drawing board, thanks for the help.

You're welcome. For your future planning, the setup usually goes like this:

/_/----------------------->/_/---------------->various computers, printers

cable/DSL modem wireless router

The router will normally have 4 extra ports on the back where you can plug
in wired (ethernet) computers or network printers. The wireless
capabilities of a network printer are usually only useful if the printer
can't sit near the router, like if you want it in another room. Otherwise
just connect the printer wired to the router.

Your computers connect to the Local Area Network (and to the Internet)
either wired or wirelessly. It doesn't matter which, they are all part of
the same Local Area Network and can use resources on that network, such as
a printer.


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