Re: receiving faxes and printing with Brothers MFC 240CN in Vista

'Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I Wrote:
;718969']In as much as Vista has nothing to do with your MFC240 other
than to see it
as a printer, there isn't much we can help with. Vista Fax and Scan
(included with Vista Business and Ultimate) can only work with an
analog fax
modem and cannot use the fax features of an MFC device for anything.
only way you can use any fax features from within Vista or XP or
2000 is if Brother included a driver to do it with. It looks like the

device, itself, has a problem.

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"MSwilley" butterfrog82@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote in message

I have a Brothers MFC 240CN and when receiving faxes it shows the
page 1,2,3,4 and so on but nothing prints out. Also when I try to
it says data receiving and then data remaining but nothing prints. I
also useing Windows Vista if this helps with the problem.

MSwilley -

The problem was partly the machine and partly the drivers. I was wrong
on model sorry it is a Brothers MFC 640CW and it came with Windows XP
drivers not vista. I had to go to the Brothers sight and install the
vista driver. This partly fixed the printing problem.

The other issue was the data was being stored in memory because the
print was stuck on a print job. (not jammed) the actual memory thaught
it was still printing a job so it would not process any more jobs. I
tried cleaning out the memory and this didn't help. I also tried
setting back to factory settings but didn't work. Finally I contacted
Brother and they had me unplug the printer and hold down the stop/exit
button. Plug the printer back in while holding the stop/exit button and
continue to hold this button until the printer rebooted. This fixed all
the issues. Now I can print, fax, scan, and copy without problems.

Thank you for all your help.