Re: Vista Ultimate Fax Blasting

Here area several third party offerings compatible with Vista that may suit your needs:

Snappy Fax
FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5

FaxTalk even provides its own Distinctive Ring support.

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<eagle@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:u5h2d49hr6svhrnr64cfe0kistu6iilv6m@xxxxxxxxxx
Does the Vista Ultimate Fax facility provide for import of a text file
of contact details ie names and fax numbers, so I can fax blast a
document to 500 sales contacts for example? Currently I am using
WinFax from Symantec for XP and it doesn't work under Vista.

Alternatively can someone suggest third party industrial strength
software for this sort of application?

Also I have a USB fax modem and a PCMCIA fax modem on my notebook and
WinFax can send through both simultaneously. Is there any way of
achieving this in Vista?